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Rap in Country Music?

When you have a minute, listen to Colt Ford's new single "Back" with Jake Owen, and tell us how you feel about rap in country music by clicking on "Comments". Would you smash or trash this song?

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07/18/2012 10:36PM
Rap in Country Music?
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07/19/2012 8:54AM
Rap Trash
I am old school country! Any country music artist that atttempts to put RAP in country music is not a country music artist, IMO. This song started out good and could have been a great COUNTRY song, instead rapper Colt Ford missed this song up! This songis TRASH!
07/19/2012 11:53AM
Modern Spin
I like it! Country Music has a lot of potential when it branches out. To many, "Rap" isn't music, but to the trained ear it is still very much music. Regardless of the lyrical content. Open minds are hard to find, but just a little appreciation for the melding of two very different genre's of music can go a long way. Look at it like this, both Country and "Rap" sing about the same general thing these days. It's all in the delivery and presentation.
07/19/2012 1:27PM
I'm stuck in the middle with you
I like the country part of the song a lot, a little rap doesnt hurt the song at all, however, too much rap detracts from the overall country feel of the song. So I wouldnt trash it, on a scale 1 to 10 (10 being Smash) I would give it a 6
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