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Trigg County Recycling Center


HOURS: 8 AM - 4 PM


Listed below are pictures and information on what our hometown recycling center accepts.

Magazines and Newspapers

Refrigerators, air conditioners

Office Paper/School Paper

Corrugated Cardboard

Any metal objects such as washers, dishwashers and dryers

Clear Glass

Mixed Glass

Aluminum Cans, Gallon jugs and plastic bottles.


Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Question: Why should I recycle?
Answer; Kentucky mandated that all counties reduce the amount of solid waste taken to their landfills by 25%. Trigg County's participation in the regional recycling program will help the county meet that goal.

Question: Does Trigg County profit financially from recycling?
Answer: A portion of the revenue produced from recycling is returned to Trigg County and is used to defray transportation cost to the regional recycling center in Eddyville and to other recycling dealers.

Question: Do I have to deliver recyclable material to the collection center in Cadiz?
Answer; Cadiz city residents are asked to bring recyclable materials to the collection center. However, a portable trailer travels throughout the county for theSchedule MondayDepartment Wednesday convenience of count residents. (see schedule below).
County Recycling Pick-Up Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, to Noon on Wednesday -Cerulean Fire Department Wednesday afternoon, Thursday & Friday at 2 pm - Linton Fire Department
Wednesday afternoon, ThursdayDepartment Friday, Friday at 2 pm-Trigg-Lyon Fire Department Friday afternoon til Market South Monday Morning- Canton One Stop
Monday, Tuesday to noon on Wednesday - Sumner's Market South Road Fire Department-more info later.