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Business Spotlight

2012 marked the 20th Anniversary of Hancock’s Neighborhood Market. Wow what a great 20 years and still going strong.  Read Mallory Hancock Lawrence’s story about the history of how Hancock’s came to be.
In the early 1980'S my dad, Don Hancock, made a trip to the grocery with my mother, Pat, during a snow storm. Dad never went to the grocery under normal circumstances and he could not believe how expensive a trip to the grocery was for a family of four. He left the grocery that day on a mission to find a way to offer groceries to consumers at better prices. He was no stranger to retail having been in retail business since the early 1960's. Dad began serving customers as a Purina Feed Dealer. I have often joked that Dad went from selling animal food to people food.
After finding a supplier he opened his first retail grocery store in Princeton on August 1, 1983, with his focus on serving his customers with the best service they could find at the cheapest prices while still focusing on quality. Things went well in Princeton and in December of 1991 he expanded his business to Cadiz. Dad felt there was a need for good service, good quality and low prices there as well. Twenty years later we are still in both communities offering a full line of grocery items, fresh meat, fresh produce and homemade salads and desserts. Things are a little different, my Dad has retired and my sister and I are running the show.
At the end of the day, it all still revolves around our customer. I have watched my Dad over the years spend many hours talking and having fun with his customers, crying with them over pains and losses they were experiencing and also quietly lending a helping hand when needed. These are the same experiences that are so important to me. I want Hancock's Neighborhood Market to be your grocery of choice, but the part I enjoy the most is building relationships with the people in this community. You can shop anywhere and I am thankful you allow us to be part of your journey. I hope God allows me to continue with the relationships we have built and begin new ones. I am hoping for at least another twenty years!! Oh, and by-the-way, I couldn't have done any of this without a hard-working, loyal staff. Thanks to all of you for doing such a great job!!
Please join us this Friday, June 20 for our Annual Customer Appreciation Day. We will be serving up hot dogs and hamburgers and soft drinks, free to our customers. WKDZ 106.5FM will be there for a live broadcast from 10-noon to capture all the fun and festivities. It’s a social event and we invite you to be a part of it. It’s just our way of saying “thank you” for your business. At Hancock’s we’re always looking for ways to serve our customers and to say thanks. 
Mallory Hancock Lawrence
Hancock’s Neighborhood Market
Toll-gate Center Cadiz