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Whitfield Says Fort Campbell
May Not Be Greatly Affected By Cuts


Contrary to the message portrayed by the Christian County Chamber in a news release Thursday, Congressman Ed Whitfield says he thinks the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell will not be greatly affected by the upcoming troop reductions. Whitfield told a joint Hopkinsville Rotary-Christian County Chamber meeting Tuesday he feels confident about Fort Campbell's role in National Defense.

Whitfield noted that the United States House Armed Services subcommittee will be under new leadership in 2015, which could have an impact.

He also noted that Fort Campbell continues to be one of the most vital military bases in the country.

Meanwhile officials from the Christian County Chamber say they will begin working with Clarksville after the election to plan the next steps to prevent major troop cuts at Fort Campbell. The announcement comes following the latest lobbying trip this month to Washington, DC. 

HCC President Dr. Jay Allen says the group thought the House Armed Services subcommittee might tell the Chamber delegation that the Army cuts weren't going to happen due to recent world events.Dr. Allen says the subcommittee said exactly the opposite, clearly stating that the local community needs to be prepared for some cuts to happen at Fort Campbell.

Chamber President Marion Mason noted that the subcommittee gave the Chamber delegation insight into what areas they should focus on during the upcoming S-PEA listening period on January 20, 2015.
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